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A hilarious humor blog written by a teen that pokes fun at all aspects of teen and high school life.

Top Masters in Education Your Online Guide for Masters in Education Degrees By Hugo Saucedo. Blogs provide a great way for teachers to communicate lesson ideas, classroom management tactics and other top school blog post tips and tricks with each other. Ranging from insightful to funny to contemplative, these blogs offer an honest look at what life as an elementary school teacher is really like.

Learning materials and unique ideas for engaging students are also posted on a regular basis, making this a go-to blog for the busy teacher. Where to begin: Check out Severe Weather Safetya good example of how this teacher uses hands-on classroom activities to meet learning standards in her state.

A-B-Seymour : Designed by a first grade teacher, this blog focuses on fun learning activities and innovative classroom techniques. The posts range top school blog post advice on helping kids focus to support materials for teaching about holidays and special events.

Where to begin: The November Activity Pack post provides a great glimpse at the types of materials offered for free or at a low cost on the A-B-Seymour blog. Busy Bees : Written by a second grade teacher and a kindergarten teacher, this blog is designed to help teachers with curriculum and planning. A wide variety of materials are offered on the site as freebie downloads. Other materials top argumentative essay editor sites online be purchased at very reasonable prices for classroom use.

Where to begin: Check out the Freebie December Behavior Chart to get a better idea of the types of materials offered on the Busy Bees blog. Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans : This blog combines personal anecdotes with classroom advice to make for a relatable, entertaining read.

Like many elementary teacher blogs, the writer uses Teachers Pay Teachers TPT to sell classroom top school blog post and curriculum support items. Where to begin: Check out Monday Made Ita post that offers great do-it-yourself projects for the classroom and the home. First Grade Delight : Humorous anecdotes about the classroom are combined with resources to make this blog a true must see for any elementary school teacher.

The Slice of Life posts are highly relatable, offering a glimpse into the real life of busy teachers. Where to begin: Check out the Dr. You Know WHO ABC Order post for a good example of the types of learning materials presented on the First Grade Delight blog. History is Elementary : Most of the posts on History is Elementary focus on particular history topics, allowing teachers who need a refresher top school blog post quickly glean important facts about historic events and figures.

Where to begin: Check out Mixed Images…One Powerful Message to understand how interposing different images together can help students learn about and grasp historic events. How to Dress Like A Teacher : This blog by sixth grade teacher Miss Johnson is nothing but fun.

A wide variety of teaching resources, including targeted literature units, are offered on the blog. Personal please click for source on top school blog post trends in education are brought into conversation with concerns about how to offer kids the best learning experience possible in an ever-shifting educational environment. Where to begin: Start with Stand Up and Wave Your Nerd Flaga post that reminds teachers how important it is to share their own passion for learning and reading with their students in order to help students develop their own nerdy proclivities.

Learning in Bliss : Designed for teachers in the upper elementary grades, this blog presents mostly anecdotal posts about life in the classroom. Teaching suggestions are top school blog post into the posts in a contextual and illuminating fashion that readers will find compelling. Where to begin: Check out Reading Fun for great ideas on combining technology with classroom learning goals.

The narrative style of this post is exemplary of the blog as a whole. Maestra Bilingue : Written by a fourth grade English as a Second Language ESL teacher, this blog provides targeted advice for teaching Article source. Personal observations about the classroom environment and interacting with students make this blog personable and compelling. Cassidy provides a wealth of information about the activities her students are completing at school with enough photo and video material to give other elementary school teachers plenty of great ideas.

Other classrooms are encouraged to get in touch with Ms. Cassidy and her kids too. Where to begin: Check out Twitter in Our Classrooma blog post that will guide educators as they implement new technology into their teaching routines. Once Upon a Teaching Blog : Written by a third grade teacher, this blog presents a balanced look at life in a self-contained classroom.

Teaching tips are presented alongside personal anecdotes more info keep the blog engaging.

Where to begin: Check out Introducing Matha great post about making math engaging in top school blog post classroom and meeting core learning goals. Pencils, Books and Dirty Looks : With a decidedly elementary school classroom design, this blog will appeal to passionate teachers who love working with young kids.

Personal classroom anecdotes and teaching materials are regularly featured on this engaging blog. Primary Graffiti : This beautifully designed blog is a great resource for teachers who work in looping classrooms or who are responsible for teaching several top school blog post grades throughout the day. Classroom ideas and lesson plans are presented alongside management tips.

Where to Begin: Check out There Was An Old Lady Who Top school blog post A Bell for a great example of the lesson plans available on Primary Graffiti. Primary Inspired : Great advice about classroom management is combined with personal anecdotes in order to top school blog post teachers.

This top school blog post features a particularly strong focus on effective techniques for teaching math and basic reasoning. Qrious : Marketed as a think tank for teachersQrious offers targeted advice for language arts teachers.

Top school blog post plans and personal enrichment activities are included on the blog, which is aimed at helping teachers refresh just click for source arts classes to engage all students. Where to begin: Check out the post Teaching With Videoswhich explains how to use free and readily accessible resources to create engaging lessons that students will love.

Science Fix : This innovative blog boasts simple, straightforward design alongside great science ideas that any teacher can use in the classroom.

Special posts that highlight science classroom safety are also included and can be shown to students in order to make safety seem more exciting. Where to begin: In The Importance of Safety Googlesthe Science Fix blogger uses an innovative video to demonstrate why wearing safety goggles is essential. Kids will love this unique demonstration, which teachers can recreate in their own classrooms. Simple classroom management and teaching techniques are highlighted in many of the posts, making this a great blog for new teachers to visit on a regular basis.

Where to begin: Check out Two Words Every Teacher Should Know. Teaching is Elementary : This popular blog highlights the use of technology in the classroom and offers unique ideas for keeping kids engaged in learning.

A wide range of activity ideas make this a must-see blog for teachers who need to add a touch of excitement to classroom activities. Where to begin: Check out Skype in The Classroomwhere the blogger explores how technological tools can have a huge impact on how children learn. The Idea Backpack : This blog is centered around providing teachers with top school blog post classroom and organization ideas. In-depth posts interspersed with personal anecdotes make this blog a treasure trove for teachers who need fresh ideas to inspire learning in their classrooms.

Where to begin: Take a look at Laughter as Inspiration and Read Alouds to get a good idea of the writing prompts and language arts idea presented on the blog. The combination of writing prompts with reading suggestions offer full-circle language arts curriculum support. The Polka-Dotted Teacher : Bright and visually interesting, this blog draws in readers with witty posts and great classroom ideas.

Posts highlight teaching across subjects and help teachers understand how to use tactile activities in order to reinforce book learning.

Where to begin: Multiplying Fractions with Pasta provides a great introduction to the innovative, hands-on teaching style of The Polka-Dotted Teacher. As with many activities on the blog, all materials for the lessons can be purchased and downloaded for classroom top school blog post. The Resource ful Room : Designed for teachers who want to find great materials and resources for their classrooms in the most unexpected places, The Resource ful Room provides plenty of resource and activity ideas for teachers.

A handful of curriculum and classroom management posts read more how high-energy activities can be introduced into classrooms without causing chaos. Where to begin: Check out Drawing Conclusions for a unique take on how to teach kids about inferences and conclusions. This post also highlights top school blog post that teachers can use to maintain classroom control while completing hands-on activities with kids.

The Teaching Thief : This well-designed and engaging blog provides inspiration for teachers who want to encourage a healthy, community-oriented environment in their classrooms.

Great fictions for kids is highlighted throughout the blog, providing a go-to resource for teachers who are looking for new books for their students. Think Share Teach top school blog post This visually striking blog is maintained by a fourth grade teacher who presents a wide variety of classroom activities and teaching downloads. A whole-curriculum focus with advice about time budgeting makes this blog particularly valuable for teachers who are struggling with a time crunch in the classroom.

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