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They were in full view this entire click to see more. If you vote for a pay to do best custom essay on hillary who has bigoted plans, you need to be aware of what that says about you, and your complicity in those plans.

This just in: supporters of a racist presidential candidate upset and offended to be called out on their racism. Get used to it, folks. They voted to make America great again! You have to be a Cinemax subscriber to get HBO. And you go ahead and sign up for the premium channel package. And then someone points out to you, well, in point of fact, you are a Cinemax subscriber, look, there it is on your TV channel guide.

Some of the money you pay in for your premium channel package goes to Cinemax and funds its plans and strategies. And they say, okay, but you still subscribe to it, and you knew that in order to get HBO you had to get Cinemax, and you signed on anyway. And they say, sure, enough that you were fine with accepting Cinemax to get it. Now, to bring that analogy back to the point at hand. This election, you had two major Presidential providers.

One offered you the Stronger Together plan, and the other offered you the Make America Great Again plan. You chose the Make America Great Again plan. The thing is, the Make America Great Again has in its package active, institutionalized racism also active, institutionalized sexism.

And as it happens, active, institutionalized homophobia. And others say to you, okay, but you knew that when you signed up for the Make America Great Again plan that active, institutionalized racism was part of the package. Your vote supports racism. By voting, you endorsed a racist plan. And evidently you were okay with that. And others say to you, but apparently you like these other things more than you hate racism, because you agreed to the racism in order to get these pay to do best custom essay on hillary things.

Which has racism in it. You voted for racism. I live among Trump voters, and the ones I live among are lovely and kind and perfect neighbors. They are what nearly anyone would describe as good people, me included. As are, I think, the majority of the people who voted for Trump. But the fact remains that in voting for Trump, they voted for racism: It was right there in the package deal, front and center, and hard to miss. They voted for it anyway. And also that if owning up to the fact that they voted for racism is uncomfortable for them, they should take a moment to think about how bad it is for the targets of that racism, and how pay to do best custom essay on hillary it has yet to get.

Day to day, and every day. Obviously this will be a touchy subject. The Mallet is out. Be polite to each other and if you are new here as I suspect this will bring more than the usual readers please read the comment policy. It applies to you. D try to stick on topic. One, as for hire letter online cover ghostwriting custom above, one can easily vote for racism without being a racist in their day-to-day lives.

Shocked, shocked I am at this! Also, yes, I know, analogies and analogies and they only go so far, so if you want to pick at the analogy, go ahead, but know going in that I know no analogy is perfect. My faith in the basic goodness of my fellow Americans pay to do best custom essay on hillary, and myself, although I voted for HRC has suffered a brutal setback.

There are good people in my church, folks who actively follow the Gospel by showing love every day, who voted for Trump. I would bet every cent I could scrape together that their responses would be exactly what you posited. Things like this make the election extra sad for me. Read this and shared it pay to do best custom essay on hillary Facebook and I NEVER post on Facebookbecause this is exactly my feelings.

Individuals who voted for Trump signaled they were okay with his behavior for whatever reasons. Did you buy nails? If he appoints Supreme Court justices who decide cases in ways that negatively affect the rights of minority populations and women, you will have voted for those justices to be appointed.

If he signs an executive order that requires all Americans who are Muslim to register, as he has spoken of doing, you will have voted for that. Recognizing your part in the actions he and his administration will take, what will you do to protect the rights of your fellow Americans so that only the parts of his program that you want get enacted? Will you work hard to make sure the president you voted for does not do that?

If not, why not? Not to mention the other channels they got in that package: pay to do best custom essay on hillary and homophobia and religious persecution. The fear for their own safety and despair of being voted against even as a package people are feeling right now is heartbreaking. Here in Europe we have the same kind of deplorables trying to achieve a revival of s.

Just… be safe, OK? And I make no bones about it; I voted for that. But I had planned all along to strongly oppose that part of the package. And those that I felt strongly about in terms of my core beliefs, I would have fought against and voiced my opinions and generally tried to rectify any damage I perceived. I want to hear you loud and clear when shit starts hitting the proverbial fan.

Then you really are complicit. Prove us all wrong about your association with Trump. But, after having my 9 year old daughter in tears yesterday because she thought people were good and cannot understand how pay to do best custom essay on hillary can vote for him, I am trying, really, really hard, to understand how people can do this.

Some of them reasonable she is too centrist for my taste, plus I still resent her running for the Senate in my state despite no real connectionsome of the misogynist, some of them just wrong.

Some people were fooled into thinking that she was a criminal who already sold favors as Secretary of State. So, those people had a choice…vote for someone who was peddling in racism, and hope that he would do differently once elected, or vote for someone who had proven she would be corrupt in office. The majority of white people on Welfare or food stamps or other government assistance voted for Trump, despite the fact that the Republicans plan to gut those programs.

How can people constantly vote against their self interest? We can offer them help, but not solution. There is no easy answer to bringing jobs back to certain areas on a large scale. Are these people accepting racism? But I think we need source understand the desperation that they feel. Does any of this excuse voting for Trump?

On the side, re point 3, perhaps:. With the abolition of the ACA and the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I foresee a flourishing black market in illegal abortions and birth control coming our way!

Which of you think that America should belong only to white, straight people? Because we are certainly in distress. I agree with your premise in simple-minded form and logic. I abhor racism at its core. To continue reading more fair a vote for either candidate was a vote for racism.

Your argument is unfair and only one sided. Except for the stuff that Black Lives Matter makes up. I agree that as a narcissist, he believes he is superior to everyone, but I think he still has hierachies of worthiness among the people he feels superior too.

I am having a seriously pay to do best custom essay on hillary time finding anything to grab onto to maintain any faith in humanity right now. Explaining it to them feels equally pointless. They have no shame. Trump tells them its ok. How will a shaming campaign towards unashamed bigots do a fucking thing? His overall policies will help my family! The ban on Muslims? We can still support the efforts to fight back against actual policies and actions by the incoming administration.

The least they can do is own up to it. Oh, and the campaign to get the Electoral College to not vote Trump in, likely wont stop Trump, but after Trumps presidency is in flames, if there still exists something called thd United Pay to do best custom essay on hillary of America, then the EC failure to stop Trump should proof thst pay to do best custom essay on hillary EC is useless and should be ditched.

Gore got more votes, but the EC made W Bush presidnt. Hillary got more votes, but the EC is going to make Trump president. Get rid of the EC, and we get rid of the extra weight that rural rednecks and bigots get, and maybe this shit where peope vote for sanity but the EC says fuck you, will stop happening. I think that the harder to stomach are the people that are projecting into the people who point this out so as to avoid confronting the fact that either yes, you are a racist, or yes, you voted for a racist.

PP gets federal funding, sure, but they are also privately-funded. Cutting federal support which is likely to happen may hurt them significantly, and that is why I and many other people are stepping up our donations to them.

When the ACA is gutted a lot of women are going to lose access to free birth-control, and we need to plan for that. You can expect a lot more unintended pregnancies under a Trump administration. I think those people are niave and clueless writer essay for custom hire au they thought they could seaperate and fight that part. I think that willingness to fight the bigotry makes a difference in my mind.

I even know people who think the political system is broken and that he would be a good cudgeal to finish breaking it so we could rebuild it better and that thought the racist parts would meme if easier to get people to come together to fight him and the system so we could all build a better fairer system after.

Again, I do not think these people are racists, since their goal is to fight that. Just niave and clueless. Most importantly though, I think that in no way absolves them of owning all the bigoted things he wants to do.

And while it is hard to keep up with all the hatred that tiny handed orange monster spews forth. I also think it is important to not leave out the religious hatred as well. As someone said the either or nature was a killer for them. People are scared, have no hope and his crap gave them false hope. They blame banks, none of which were really ever prosecuted for the crisis. And corporate America who have been handsomely rewarded for taking their jobs.

To those folks she was full of Cinemax. And in 4 years they will be shopping packages again. How do we explain the latino and Asian vote? I understand why Democrats are angry, and sad, and lashing out at Trump supporters right now.

But it is inaccurate and counterproductive to call all Trump supporters racists. Democrats have a small playbook of strategies of which calling half the country racist is one of themand America got tired of it. As I said yesterday — people on both sides of the aisle are overwhelmingly kind, generous, patriotic, and good folk. Be angry with them for their choice of vote! Nobody ever has to know who you voted for or why. People need to face up to what they voted for.

Marco, I believe that the Latino voters for Trump were by Cubans who vote largely Republican or upper crust Latinos who are pretty much white and descended from Spain. Presumably the unusual support for third party candidates enough to have elected HRC if they had voted for her puts them in the same category. But what appalls me is just how many people were pay to do best custom essay on hillary. Then again, people have been voting Republican for generations despite their dismal record of lack of accomplishment.

So what does this say about democracy? You may be sure that the Chinese government will use this as a reason to denigrate the very idea of democracy. In all three major powers, democracy is now either dead or very sick.

I see the notmypresident movement and I sympathise, but attempts at revolution will make things worse, not better. There will be midterm elections in two years; if people really want to undo what has just happpened by legal means, that is where to start. Thank you for this. Now we have the hard work of fighting the bigotry and misogyny their candidate will try to put into practice. And, as a biologist, I am appalled at the learn more here to gut environmental protections.

How do they think the air stays clean enough to breath and the water clean enough to drink? Although I have no doubt that a vote for Trump was an implicit endorsement of his policies, the data seems to suggest that Trump was not particularly popular so much as Americans hated both candidates.

Trump won less popular votes than McCain did in an election where Obama won nearly electoral votes and fewer than Romey in And Trump won more Latinos and Blacks than Romey did in Sadly I feel like Hillary lost because of voter apathy to her candidacy. Pay to do best custom essay on hillary court in Munich understands this. Court action has been started against Facebook and Mark Zukerberg for abetting crimes like Holocaust denial and inciting hatred.

It should prove interesting in the least. My question is simply, is this kind of rhetoric helpful in bringing people over to our side? John, are you explaining to those lovely neighbors that they endorsed racism? Is that working out? Fundamentally I agree with you but I worry that this approach is divisive, and has already failed. Say you hire an exterminator who advertises the fact that he goes after cockroaches with a flamethrower, then tells you to your face he uses a flamethrower, and shows you the equipment.

But you got cockroachsles in your kitchen and you want them gone. When the guy ends up burning the whole building down, thats on you. Which would be somewhat fine if it were your single family home that only you lived in. But its a high rise condo, and at the annual meeting, the ro-flamethrower people won the vote. More people voted to not use the flamethrower, and some people bring up the fact that this guy was actually treated for pyromania at one point, and doesnt have any license or experience as an exterminator, but condo association rules gives people on the first 20 floors more weight to their pay to do best custom essay on hillary. So the association paid the flamethrowr guy to get rid of your cockroaches, and now floors 34 through pay to do best custom essay on hillary are on fire, and it could take years to put it out.

You can own, that or not. You can get all condescending and pissy towards people for whom racism is a MUCH bigger issue than Hillary Clinton not buying herself a second Blackberry and learning how to work a bloody printer. I think the comparison is less HBO with Cinemax and more HBO with pron channels. DanaU. The anger common among us is the fact that we would like go here think we can custom-pick our cable package when reality makes that simply impossible, not with a population of this size.

I think a big contributing part of this is just how little the majority of white Trump supporters get the various bigotries on offer in the Trump campaign. Ditto sexism, homophobia, and the rest. My uncle would be the first person to read more me and any same sex partner I might have, were we called something mean on the street.

I cannot show him, short of actual physical harm, what living under Trumpian homophobia does to a person. This made it easy for him to vote for Trump, and even easier to act baffled as to why people are upset with him when he celebrates that fact.

But it does describe your relationship with the person you wronged in the moment. And pay to do best custom essay on hillary might be right. I wish they were more demographic per state and income to look at. Pay to do best custom essay on hillary country contains a vast swath of racism. Pay to do best custom essay on hillary might as well say that anyone that votes is endorsing lying, since we all know politicians lie. People have been trying to show you for years, one investigation after another, but somehow she always manages to sidestep the conviction.

Because so many other people are having the same problem. But even that is beside the point. If you really believe Hillary pay to do best custom essay on hillary a nice lady you are being willfully ignorant, and that is really not your style, John. If anything you are generally thoughtful and you do your homework. I get that people are upset. A lot of my friends are scared and perplexed, much as I felt when Reagan was elected.

I was sure we were going to nuclear war. And just as I overreacted then, I think a lot of people are overreacting now, and rhetoric like you have posted with this entry is only fueling the fear, rage and hatred that everyone on the left side of the isle would have been pointing at and crying foul if the shoe had been on the other foot.

I see them as much as enablers as those Conservatives who knew Trump was vile but voted for him anyway. Yes, I actually think less of third partyists and vote spoilers than I do of Trump voters who followed this Pied Pay to do best custom essay on hillary out of some kind of dumb, existential Angst. The former actually knew what they were doing. Icarus : raise your hand if Thanksgiving with the family is gonna be all sorts of awkward. I sincerely hope that white folks in this boat make it awkward.

One of the reasons certainly not the only, but one of the reasons white folks find their racist relatives awkward and uncomfortable to be around is that we feel guilty for not challenging them. But there is respect in trusting our loved ones to hear us out, and to care about us enough pay to do best custom essay on hillary meet us halfway. Not everyone can do this, and folks need to manage their own mental health around family.

As for racist people versus racist actions: Racism is a system of institutional violence and discrimination. Unlike coral, however, we have free will and the capacity to reason. We can, individually and collectively, change our shape. And yes, voting for someone to do racist things in your name is a racist act, whether or not you yourself accept the racist label. If I have to choose between being accused of supporting someone who mishandled classified data, over someone who manhandles women and espouses blatantly racist, sexist, and homophobic viewpoints, I will proudly stand with the data mishandler all the way.

As our host said, you get the cable package that you paid for. I like Donald Trump. Not to mention the lovely people who live next to you. I wonder how they really feel about you labeling them RACIST. Pity, maybe you would learn some manners.

People are sick of this brand of divisive politics, and have voted accordingly. Every evidence points to a deep-seated racism. I am going to read this over and over and bring out this argument every time I talk to someone about this election. I can say this election and the rhetoric associated pay to do best custom essay on hillary has made me really think hard about racism and sexism, more than I have done in a long time.

Just as an FYI. Did you buy radioactive waste? And now, what are you going to do with it? Store it in your basement? Bury it in your back yard?

How far is that dump from your house? John A, if you want to try again, hewing closer to the topic at hand, by all means please do — JS] Mike Pence:. He believes women who have miscarriages deserve to be punished. Pence made that okay. THIS—THIS RACISM, THIS MISOGYNY, THIS ANTI-SEMITISM, THIS HOMOPHOBIA, THIS Pay to do best custom essay on hillary, IS WHAT YOU VOTED FOR. IF Pay to do best custom essay on hillary VOTED FOR IT, YOU APPROVE OF IT. Good job breaking it, hero!

Sadly, nobody who supported Trump ever answered. The top comment response accused Bee of somehow insulting white people. That outrage made me laugh.

Way too many conservative or conservative-leaning white commentators have seen nothing wrong with insulting blacks as a whole for alleged lack of social responsibility. To pay to do best custom essay on hillary I say, man up and own your screw-up.

But what of an utter stranger, particularly a white one, who I encounter on the street? Do I have to be ready to snap out a comeback with a generous use of 4-letter words if that person yells I should go back to the country I came from?

And frankly, it disturbs me that I even have to think hard about these questions. But the anti-muslim, anti-immigrant policies he has plainly said he plans to implement? We lost them because your party gutted the Voting Rights Act, and worked as hard as it could to disenfranchise as many people of color as it could. And if you support it? John A, you are wrong about Hillary and also about the definition of treason. You have been hoodwinked by conspiracy theorists and a media machine determined to prove that read article exists some justification for its long pattern of journalistic misbehavior.

Hillary has committed no crime as far as we know. I have the unfortunate burden of calling some of them family. And they voted for marginalizing my daughter for the sake of what they perceive to be a more sound economic policy.

Regardless of whether people think the media went out of its way to demonize him, conflagrate his comments, and just use him as a punching bag for the sake pay to do best custom essay on hillary news-entertainment he said these terrible things.

It was in his words. The message was clear as a bell. If Maning is a traitor, then Clinton should be prosecuted as well. The problem is that her boss is blocking it from every going to court. Billy Quiets — how do you not accept that Trump is popular admission essay writer site au when he talks about Mexicans as rapists?

Yes, a vote for Trump was an implied vote for racism. The accusation of racism is disingenuous. The cable analogy given does not account for the fact that both choices are not morally neutral, nor is it a zero-sum game. People who voted for Clinton believe that Trump is the greater evil. That sounds a lot to me like every single election ever.

But it pay to do best custom essay on hillary make the accusations incredibly arrogant. This says more about pay to do best custom essay on hillary than it does about them. Bathymethus: Bad information makes bad decisions.

It was not solely Trump who deceived people into voting against their own best interests here. They are at grave risk of suicide, especially in the trans community which is being targeted very hard by the evangelical Christians now that they no longer literature writer for sf gay marriage as their pet issue.

This is not a hypothetical or abstract conversation, this is kids literally dying right now. Make sure they have access to suicide support lines, make sure they have the support of their school administrators, make pay to do best custom essay on hillary they know that they are loved for who they are and not who people think they should be. Here are a few general points.

Ideas have a close relationship with actions, but there is no one to one mapping. Any inference about what ideas a person holds based on what actions he takes can only be tentative and provisional. No one action can prove dispositively that the actor believes any particular thing. Obviously, some actions are better evidence than others for inferring beliefs. The best evidence that a person holds pay to do best custom essay on hillary belief is a declaration from the person that he holds the belief.

Competance for example, or experience, or stamina, or judgement. Every action we take has a whole string of downstream effects for which we are not responsible. We have a positive moral obligation to consider the reasonably foreseeable effects of our actions.

Pay to do best custom essay on hillary is called the Principle of Double Effect I posted the essence of this pay to do best custom essay on hillary and I think a couple of other posters addressed it in part. It does mean that you supported racism, which is a thing you grant. You also point out something interesting, which is that apparently a lot of Trump voters had the luxury of thinking that whatever Clinton offered was worse than a systematic implementation of racist policies.

I mean I can believe pay to do best custom essay on hillary said the other ones but this one goes over Saturday morning cartoon level of evilness… Is like using Balto as an example of why mixed race union should esl introduction editor websites forbidden.

How the hell this guy passed the BAR?! It means that people REALLY hated Hillary and what she stood for MORE than they hated racists. It means that THAT is how much people disliked your candidate. Ha, Ha, look at Mr. Mysteron over here, likes to judge people by their character instead of the color of their skin.

Segregation and aparthied and, back in the day, chattel slavery, was not innuendo. It was the law of the land. Thank you John—this exactly pay to do best custom essay on hillary some of my feelings. Family who voted for Reagan—no problem. But this one hit really deep. Michael Kisnley put a rather nice burn on George H. Mysteron: there are not palms big pay to do best custom essay on hillary for this facepalm… Thank you, you managed to make me laugh hard at the new vice president idiocy : Thanks for this post.

I tried to express a similar train of thought on twitter. But I also delved into how structural racism, implicit biases, and unconscious prejudices are so much a part of the air we breath pay to do best custom essay on hillary American whites that it actually requires deliberate effort to be aware of pay to do best custom essay on hillary tendencies in ourselves and fight against them.

It also requires that we be willing to listen to members of marginalized groups and adjust our behavior accordingly. If someone impacted by racism tells you that something you said or did is racist, you have to be willing to truly listen or you will never become a better human being.

I wrote a lot more, but then realized it contained more of a personal nature than I was comfortable sharing here. All of that hits some very vulnerable aspects of our psyche for many of the rest of us in this country.

Everything you tell yourself to try to justify or rationalize that choice is a lie. Try to at least be honest with yourself. And if you would like to change, you can. Please, consider trying to be a better human being than you are today. I, for one, have no intention of getting over it. You still voted for a racist who will enact racist policies. Just stop calling people racists because they disliked your prefered candidate SO much that they voted for him anyway.

And the people blithely ignoring the significant defects in Mrs. Given the option between hard left, pay to do best custom essay on hillary left, and any number of acceptable moderates, the Dems tossed the acceptable moderates over the side.

Perhaps they will do better when they learn to listen to the concerns of people that are not like themselves. But that seems unlikely when the first, last, and only arguments being offered is that the only explanation for Trump is racism, sexism, et. Wanting to keep terrorists out of your country does not make you a racist. It makes you a great president as pay to do best custom essay on hillary your pay to do best custom essay on hillary is one of the primary roles of the president.

By your your own flawed reasoning, that would mean Behandlung cheap dissertation introduction editor site sf Gang every black person who voted for Obama are also racist, because they clearly are all anti-white.

You need some lessons in logic. So, someone has probably already said this, but… as on The Simpsons: Fox News, Not Racist but 1 with Racists! My husband and I have had long conversations during the past couple days regarding this issue.

We find that we feel like there is a difference between what is true and what is helpful. When people feel labelled, it is difficult to build bridges with them. I absolutely agree that signing on with Trump was signing on to a package deal of institutional racism and some good-old not-hidden-at-all racism thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes, if its approached well, their minds do change. I think I owe it to them to take my turn with those conversations on their behalf. Why should I, or anyone, get over it? The reasons people have for voting for Trump do not change the fact that in so doing they voted to support racism. I acknowledge what I voted for in voting Clinton, the good and the bad. Treason is a very specific charge, and there is no plausible universe where anything Hillary can reasonably be accused of amounts to treason.

I want to respond to one other thing you said:. I know that you catch more flies with honey. Is there really a meaningful difference between being a racist and actively encouraging racism? This is exactly my point. What Democrats fail to realize is the depth of disgust that Republicans hold for Clinton. It mirrors the disgust that Democrats have for Trump. If Republicans happened to be right that Clinton was worse than systematic racism, it would be pretty damning for Democrats.

Own your vote for racism. However, who Trump voters hated more is not really the point, the point is they willingly and with full knowledge voted for racism. Also, of course, if their primary motivator was disgust at Clinton, they could have voted for other candidates, with the same result of not giving their vote to Clinton.

These temper tantrums from these radical anarchists must be quelled. There is no legitimate reason to protest the will of the people. Or even the medieval Islamic position that masters who sired children on their slaves had special obligations to them.

We all make compromises when we vote. I am very much pro-life. However, I voted for Obama 8 years ago. If they do racist things, and support racist propaganda, then they are racists.

I think everyone can agree with that. You can support a candidate WITHOUT supporting EVERYTHING that candidate stands for. I know plenty of good people who voted for Trump, great families that simply I feel were uninformed in their choices, but still good people nonetheless; some have really helped me out during some of my struggles. Likewise, I know some nasty people that voted for Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, that party was just voted into power in the presidency, the senate, and the house. I completely agree with you: it IS inaccurate and counterproductive to call all Trump supporters racists, sexists, or homophobes. Insult deservingly the candidate all you want, but it is against your better interests to insult the candidates supporters. Finally, on the article above: I thought it was good and well-written.

The value you place on a certain issue affects your pay to do best custom essay on hillary process more than anything. Some people, like the author above, place a very high importance on that.

So it does go both ways. This is why candidates like Donald Trump arose. This is why this will continue to happen. We can all use a little bit of empathy; on both sides of the discussion. You solve issues by pay to do best custom essay on hillary down with one another and rationally discussing your logic, seeing where that other person is coming from, and by arguing your point and explaining why you disagree with their rationale rather than putting your opinions on a moral pedestal and shaming them for theirs.

Just because people have to settle for a lesser evil, does not automatically make them the largest evil of the candidate they voted for. Mysteron in the post that JS deleted, I stated that I voted 3rd party this election. I personally could not conscience myself to vote for either Hillary or Trump.

Yesterday morning, I listened to a white coworker I am white, as well try to tell a black coworker that we would have no problems if everyone would obey the law and respect law enforcementwhile my block coworker tried to explain to the white one how that is not the case from his own personal experience.

Unfortunately, some of the people who voted for Trump knew full well what they were getting. I have a cousin who the day after was very obviously happy pay to do best custom essay on hillary those parts racism, bigotry, homophobia.

Everyone has been an asshole at one time or another. Everyone has done or said something sexist or racist or ableist or biased at one time or another. Two ways we judge our politicians are on their past actions and statements, and on their statements during the pay to do best custom essay on hillary process.

Or have they learned, grown, changed, admitted a mistake? If they match, are we seeing the true person? Trump in the past has taken racist actions — refusing to rent to black people — and this is verifiable by court records. But wait, you say, that was decades ago! But Trump, by his own words and deeds, NOT changed.

Does that mean you pay to do best custom essay on hillary are a racist? Does that mean you think racism is an acceptable behavior in a president? Billy Quiets — I appreciate that you are trying to communicate a viewpoint that is foreign to me, and I think that is valuable; no one learns if they live in an echo chamber.

But communication needs to be two-way. For instance you said that Trump is being labeled pay to do best custom essay on hillary racist because he ran against a liberal. I consider him to be a racist for his own statements made during this campaign — that a judge could not be fair because he is of Mexican heritage, that Mexicans are rapists, that Muslims should be banned from America…there are more.

Why are those statements not racist? I considered him a racist all the way back in the Republican primaries, and he was not running against a liberal then. It means that a woman should be able to make a choice concerning her own reproductive health without obstruction from the government.

A mother should be able to choose to carry a child to term when her own health is at risk or not. A mother should be able to choose whether or not to carry a child to term even if the result is that life will be short and full of suffering for both the mother and the child.

Also, as a reminder to everyone: Continuing to drag Hillary Clinton into the discussion is not going to be useful. The discussion is Trump, his racist policies, and to what extent those who voted for those policies are complicit in their racism. For my wife, who voted for Trump, this was pro-life. Every candidate this race 3rd party included was pro-choice except for Trump.

That was her deciding factor. All I can offer them is counseling if they seek it, compassion, and comfort. Lee, everyone who voted for Trump knew full well what pay to do best custom essay on hillary were getting.

It was his main selling point. The only distinction among his voters is whether they were enthusiastic about the racism, sexism, homophobia, and mocking of disabled people or whether they were just perfectly fine if perhaps publicly disdainful accepting that part of it as long as he promised maintain their pay to do best custom essay on hillary privilege.

I just wanted the trains to run on time. White people are realizing, for the first time, that racism never went away. White people have always had the option of changing the channel, even the most poor, broke, down-and-out White people. Nonwhites have been forced to watch Cinemax.

It was a selling point for sure, no one is denying that. However I know for a fact that my statement is true. I know black americans who voted for trump despite him being racist. However, I know for a fact that my statement is true. I know black americans who voted for Trump despite him being racist.

I know every Democrat and every Republican President is going to murder children. I voted for Obama in and If as a consequence people went online everyday and shouted Child Murderer at me, I would tune them out. Most of the people here Krampfadern, do my popular thesis der not own the consequences of voting for Democratic candidates in the manner we have proposed Trump voters own their vote.

As a practical matter the racism charge sticks in this particular case because Trump explicitly used it in his campaign appeal and because we believe it motivated many of his voters.

If there was implicit in some of his policy statements, but he never made a big deal of it in public and large parts of his base did not evince overt racism, then it would be kind of pointless to ascribe support for Cinemax read article those HBO subscribers. But I understand the motivation. I am pretty damn angry and depressed today too. I hope that most citizens will stand up for these fellow Americans, regardless of who they click for.

That will prove who supports racism and who does not. Deeming over a billion Muslims including millions of American citizens terrorists solely because of their religion does make a racist. And a religious bigot.

And someone in dire need of a remedial course in American History, due to the burning irony of how many Trump voters are directly descended from white folks seeking respite from religious persecution in the Old Countries. And practically, its a distinction without a difference no matter how desperately far too may people want to make it so. Not much more than a week ago you posted a piece about pay to do best custom essay on hillary really nice neighbors who were in all likelihood going to vote for Trump because they were Republican.

What do you think their response to this piece would be? Would you show it to them? If abolitionists did not make their voices heard, however ineffectual their actual votes were, it would have taken a lot longer to get rid of slavery.

Saying people should not vote for their ideal view of how America should work is going against the very foundations of what our voting process is for. Saying that people who vote for Trump are also racist is just as disingenuous and bigoted as saying that all people who vote for Obama or Hillary are pro-choice. You are forming a stereotype of people you disagree with because you want to form a narrative that fits your worldview. I assume that those who do read it know where you stand politically and are mostly cool with it.

Back to the matter in hand, let me drop a spoiler on you: Being a nice racist is not a contradiction in terms. And a Protestant to add insult to injury. I said they are complicit in racism, yes. Which is to say, to the extent it was possible in a few sentences, I portrayed them fairly and as having complexity. They are people I like and in some cases love, and who I rely on, and who can rely on me.

A Trump supporter who believes abortion is murder might vote again and again for the trade-off of abetting racism to save lives.

The fundamental issue is too narrow and misleading. What purpose does it serve to frame it like this? Some Trump supporters are good people who made a difficult choice. I can see from the comments here that this nuance is lost on many, although not lost on you or your neighbors. You are correct, but unfortunately this does not completely avoid the moral dilemma. Not as bad in a very limited sense, but still not good.

However, racism being part of a package deal does not excuse voting for racism. You are a proletarian blocked there and shit upon. And the similarity are also there with the latino community in this election where the more educated, the one that speak the main language here is English, there is Italian are looking down and segregating their own people. Just click for source no matter all of these she was really close to be president, and the next candidate might even pull it off.

It still taught us that no matter what your gender is or what is your ethnicity you finally have a shot to be president… well ok, if you have the money, that still remain as an issue Looking at the analysis of voting it appears that Clinton had a much higher number of supporters in the poorest and poor households than Trump did; as household incomes increase so does the number of people voting for Trump.

And, of course, she won the popular,vote. And I expect that fact to dawn fairly slowly, whereupon they will find yet more people to hate, because taking responsibility for their own actions is not in the mindset… But how will the ACLU do anything when the supreme court will likely fill a slot with the most right wing judgethey can find and the republican senate will nust rubber stamp it?

For some people most hillary supporters I imaginethis mean being sure to NOT vote for a known racists. Some people are looking at the larger picture than his 4 years of office.

He will be appointing judges who have a lifetime to make their voices heard in court. What do they expect that will help them or theirs? What are these grave injustices?

The government passing pro-choice laws in no way prevents you from choosing not to have an abortion. Most families are like that. Thanksgivings can pay to do best custom essay on hillary be pretty tense even in fairly small families.

There are questions I know better than to raise in many venues. Case in point: I happen to be an atheist. I would never dream of asking my brother whether he believes in God not, in fact, a necessary condition for being observant. I would never ask my nephew his views on the Palestinian issue. I agree somewhat with Shakauvm above. We need to hear from more Trump voters. My guess is that most Trump voters would say that neither he nor they are racists. But he sees no conflict. Listen to conservative talk radio where semi-racists talk is the norm.

The same friend had a Trump sign in his yard. I asked what happened. Increasing freedom will never be the same as restricting freedom.

Everyone who voted for him fully knowing that that was his intention is complicit. We agreed a racist is someone who doses racist things.

Reel it back in. Erik, removing rights for unborn children in the name of increasing rights for women is a false equivalency.

But this is off topic, so you should probably drop it. We are talking about racism here, not abortion. John Scalzi said we were free to pay to do best custom essay on hillary our own analogy I chose abortionand you seem to be more interested in staying in your own bubble instead of trying to understand how people you disagree with think.

I am not forming a stereotype. I watched what Trump did and said. I saw large vocal groups of Trump supporters respond to those messages. So I have a prima facie case pay to do best custom essay on hillary Trump relies heavily on racism and preaches racism openly in order to get large numbers of votes.

I for one will give anybody credit if they are walking the walk. If millions of self identified Trump voters emerge and vocally oppose racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant and sexist practices, I will welcome that as a great day for America. I officially switch to register Democrat so I could vote for Bernie Sanders at least once.

Having said all that — I think pay to do best custom essay on hillary is still a remote chance that much of what Trump said during the election was an ample serving of Whatever The Hell He Had To Say To get Elected.

Maybe slightly a better chance than winning the lottery. Who took it to mean that when he won, that would be America. Not asking for him to take the blame for their action, just to tell them to cut it out. Scalzi makes, and I think as usual it is made eloquently, is that one cannot divorce the racism from the vote. I assume that when he cast the vote, he examined this issue and made a conscious decision that he was willing to live with that.

I would hope that the people who voted for Trump and are appalled by the racism in the campaign and platform did likewise. But the point of the Cinemax analogy is: you got to live with that. I am not responsible for the rest of the items. Beyond his racism, trump is totally unfit to be president. So the fact that people would vote for him and give the Rs a majority in both houses is really, really disturbing.

And yeah, you are a racist if you voted for Trump. It is even more unlikely to get people to change behaviors now that it has been legitimized. Maybe we need a new word. Thats a legitimate decision. AS LONG AS the people voting pay to do best custom essay on hillary a racist because of other topic ACKNOWLEDGE that they are voting for a racist, and then makr their case for being outweighed by other topic.

Every trump voter I have interacted witb refuses to do that. And THAT is being irresponsible for the damage your vote may cause. Its like voting to go to war. You have to acknowledge that your troops are not perfect, people will do bad things, sometimes people will be put into situations that will crack them and they will commit war crimes. To be morally responsible for that, you MUST weigh the damage your side may cauze and weigh it against the damage the other side will cause.

If you go to war responsibly, you must acknowledge that your own people will end up killing innocents. And then you have to compare the damage you will do, and make sure it isnt as bad as the enemy. You wanna vote for trump because of insert random topic herefine, but you also have to be responsible for all the other damage that comes from Trump. Which means, if you ARE being responsible for your vote for trump, even if you voted for him because of other topicthen you would openly admit you voted for racism.

If you vote for invading Agrabah and want to be responsible for it, you would openly admit that some of your people are going to kill civikians, and then make the case that those civilians are outweighed by the terrible damage the enemy is inflicting. Instead, people are irresponsible for the damage they cause and downplay it or simply insist that damage doesnt exist.

If you voted for trump, you voted for racism. And you have to acknowledge that to be responsible for your vote. And then maybe make a case for other issue. But you cant deny racism and be responsible for the effects of your vote. So, yeah, maybe some other topic is involved review editing sites united states voters, but they would still have to admit they voted for racism, and this article is spot on.

Is bigotry in all its pay to do best custom essay on hillary forms domestic terrorism or just politics? Racism is considered the unfortunate, but acceptable, trade-off. I agree with you that it would do Republicans some good to admit that they voted for racism. For them, that is the hard reality of a perceived life or death choice. They can feel morally justified in their choice despite feeling bad about doing so.

This is the bit that astounds me. The racism in the election is horrifying, but there are two other forms of power out there: gender and economic. Visit web page strikes me as a perfect storm of all pay to do best custom essay on hillary. I realise there have been 30 years of well poisoning going on; there are other issues; BENGAZI!

LYBIA anyone remember Rwanda, and her role then? Oh, people voted for racism. And when the economy screws people over, punching down has a lot of appeal. Yes, people voted for racism. But they also voted for vile misogyny. I can vote for a president who is pro-choice and yet still campaign pay to do best custom essay on hillary advocate for pro-life policies.

The same argument can be made for Trump voters. What privateiron has said makes this point as well. They can vote for Trump, and still advocate for equality and equity policies for minorities.

Just because you vote for someone does not mean you agree with everything they put on their ticket. They just thought he was better than the other choices.

Should these people who disliked all 4 major candidates just not have voted? No, you vote for the person who is closest to the match of your vision of America as possible.

I understood it to be the whole point of the piece. Is it, perhaps, because misogyny is so inherent in our culture that the denial of its existence is even more powerful than the denial around racism? Misogyny is so profoundly integrated into the structure of our patriarchal culture that no woman can escape internalizing it, and denial is the default.

Even those of us who strive to be self-aware feminists are continually finding new layers within our selves. Among the many tragedies of this election result is the lost opportunity to shine some of the same level of light on misogyny that many of us have been working to shine on racism for decades. We both appear to agree that Trump voters signed up for racism. Pay to do best custom essay on hillary appears you are trying to argue that, essentially, signing on for racism is okay because of the whole package deal or more correctly, that Trump voters would argue custom thesis writing service toronto. Unfortunately, much of his base took it as both gospel truth and an outline for future behavior.

Direction, and prior forgiveness. The listing of egregious incidents already proves that. John, with all pay to do best custom essay on hillary respect I do understand your line of reasoning. I have friends that attend church, and have great faith in God. I accept that they use religion as a well meaning, humanitarian, loving guidepost in their lives. What could I possibly hope to accomplish by accusing those friends of being complicit in and accepting of these horrors by default?

I know that pay to do best custom essay on hillary will and do stand up against these issues. I think we can spend our time better by trying to come together as human beings and accept we need to play the hand we were dealt. But I am supporting it with my money so that I can eat meat. This election my choices were factory farmed meat or no meat. Of course people voted for factory farmed meat instead of becoming vegetarians.

I just really wish Bernie had won the primary so the organic free range choice had been on the table instead of making people choose between factory farming and pay to do best custom essay on hillary vegan. Consider it officially tabled. To extend the analogy, I can understand why many Trump voters saw their choice as a rabbit ears aerial on one hand, or HBO with Cinemax on the other. What kind of actions can we take to influence the new President to focus on the good stuff and drop the racist stuff?

But it does excuse it under the moral utility of fighting for a greater good. That anyone could look at the behavior of the Trump crowds and argumentative essay ghostwriting site uk Trump supporters and come to this conclusion baffles me completely.

Is this pay to do best custom essay on hillary general principle, then, or a article source case that applies only to Trump and his racism? If not, why is it only applicable here, and not in other instances?

I had an odd thing happen yesterday. No — it was an uncomfortable thing. I was trying, as I so often do, to see the upside of this… thing. I am white, female, solidly middle class in income. I work for a tech pay to do best custom essay on hillary so I am in a good segment of the economy.

In any case, a group of pay to do best custom essay on hillary were standing in our lobby area, discussing the… thing. Apparently this had happened to several of her friends yesterday. Our receptionist is a woman of color, my co-worker is married to pay to do best custom essay on hillary hispanic woman.

In less than a day, those folks now believe it is okay to let your child taunt other children about their ancestry, that it is okay to call a woman or man of color horrible, racist names. So — if you truly believe that this man that was just elected has not fomented the racists, the bigots, the homophobes and misogynists into feeling like they have free reign to act on that — think again.

Yes, you bought the whole cable package kids. You can pull out all the reasons and excuses you want to try and defend this, but a vote for this man was a vote for just exactly this sort of abhorrent behavior, whether you meant it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you felt it was the lesser evil.

None of that mitigates it. It may explain why it was done, but it does not excuse the action. In less than 24 hours it has started. And now the rest of us have to first try to limit the damage this has wrought and spend the next decade or so trying to remediate the progress that was lost.

You know, stuff like this — well written though it may be — will be entirely wasted until we start addressing the assumptions that underlie it. Why do otherwise good and decent people do bad things? And you will not help them understand by yelling at them and calling them names even if those names are applicable. I know it feels good to yank. Are there no social policies, education opportunities or other help available? Find another ethnic group to deport?

Several pro-life folks wrote articles to that effect. It is not a disorder and it is not related to their political behavior. But please note, we already have laws to protect you and your friends against harassment. Unless people think Donald Trump will be pushing to repeal these laws, you can be sure to file criminal complaints against them. I would bet that a quick call the the principal or other leader in the school would help prevent this in the future.

Sometimes not even after. I am not defending racism. The person voting for Trump who is not racist and who feels passionately for equality will, I hope, do all of those things you are saying more.

But none of that will change the fact: what they voted for includes racism. You seem to have taken a lot of thought and responsibility for pay to do best custom essay on hillary votes you cast that include policy you disagree with, even vehemently.

They own a bit of that part; they can karma it off in other ways, but they still own it. Racism is not the only problem. The cheeto-topped dogpile who pay to do best custom essay on hillary now Head Bully thinks women are pieces of ass.

What kind of drain-plugging scum would even think like that? Forget saying it on TV with millions of viewers. This pretty much nails it. Huge amounts of Americans are fine with me getting harmed, so long as it got them jobs and kept pay to do best custom essay on hillary gun rights and lowered their taxes.

If you voted for Trump because the benefit of his positon on topic AAA outweighs the damage caused by his bigotry, then you need to acknowledge you voted for bigotry because you need to be responsible everytime bigotry happens. Refusing to acknowledge you voted for a bigot and that bigotry will happen as a result of your vote, and denying any incident of bigotry is the outcome of your vote is childish. Childish like a kid who just shattered the television and then says they didnt do it.

This is the inherent problem of republicans: childish irresponsibility to the point that they will have a cookie in pay to do best custom essay on hillary mouth pay to do best custom essay on hillary deny they ever ate a cookie. No regard for the truth and zero shame. And if you push them on it and call them on their lie, they resort to angry tantrums.

Just ask them about WMDs in iraq, for fucks sake. Lie, deny, tantrum, accuse others of other things. Zero shame for any of it. Well, it is still only a theory of Cinemax. I personally subscribe to the Superstring Theory of Cinemax, wherein each cable channel is an infinite loop that can take us into other dimensions, yada, yada, yada, snore. Now, get out the mallet, and let me have it.

Not for the stupid joke, but for what is about to follow. Using this analogy then: Some folks in Congress decide it would be great for the government to make sure its citizens receive adequate healthcare. So, they draft a bill doing this great thing. Meanwhile, another distinguished gentleman from Wisconsin wants to build a bridge, and that gets tacked on, along with other pork projects.

By your reasoning, everyone who wants the citizenry to have healthcare must also want insurance companies involved and that bridge in Wisconsin, pay to do best custom essay on hillary, or they must vote against the entire bill.

Congress does this all the time. Those who want something to get started need to put up with junk they cannot support. And, you had better believe that when congressional seats are up in the air, how each one voted for or against and is misleadingly not telling the whole truth, will be brought up. Actually, I just made the argument for Superstring Theory of Politics, with infinite loops and other dimensions are a cold hard reality. Wonder if any can be fashioned to resemble nooses?

Real people will continue to be hurt by policies should he enact them. Good people can harbor racist ideas, benefit from a racist status quo.

Remember the guys who claimed they bought Playboy for the articles? They had a perfect right to vote for Trump, and I have a perfect right to respond in any legal fashion to their having done so.

Right now, our country is being taken over by white supremacists and people who will support white supremacists if they get what else they want; why should we take the time or energy to distinguish? We have to stop them by whatever means is required. AFTER we defeat them, then we can show compassion, not that they showed US any.

All we can do is try to shore each other up when the inevitable Trump fallout occurs. Trump supporters simply do not view the world through racism-tinged glasses. That is, they do not view racism as a leading source of social evil. If they did, they would be. If so, I object more to your tweet than to your post. It is decidedly unhelpful and unnecessarily inflammatory. Sometimes there is no good choice.

They are the ones who obviously rode the Trump ticket for the wrong reasons. This does not make the world a better place. It is sad and disturbing that people could do this.

He was saying that trump voters need to acknowledge that this is what was included on the ticket. My point is, that getting mad at all Trump voters is no better than those idiots on twitter, who I hope get kicked out of school. My point is that some have already admitted it, and are hoping, and trying to minimize this damage. I feel I should have said more in the post above.

No, I did not vote for Trump, nor for Clinton. And while I think that the one who got elected is worse for the pay to do best custom essay on hillary as a whole, I am still glad that I did not vote.

Not that it would have made a difference anyway, Clinton carried California handily. It was not a secret.

He was endorsed by Stormfront and the Klan, FFS. Maybe you, you little snowflake, were only voting against Hillary or just wanted to shake up the DC status quo.

But you have to acknowledge the racism you endorsed. Instead, we have a ton of racist ideas floating around in our culture, and there are opportunities to allow those ideas to be a controlling factor in your behavior.

More generally, we have a ton of unhelpful ideas, such as the idea that there are kinds of people, rather than that there are just people and then there are the things they do. And, as Hayes and other hardcore behaviorists have noted, there is no way to erase your own learning history. No delete button on the racist thoughts.

They are here to stay. The phone call is coming from inside the house. So you have racist ideas in your head, and they will show up at certain times, and then you have a chance, if you notice it, if you take it, not to allow those racist ideas to decide for you what you are going to do.

You can instead leave the noise to one side and then act from your own best principles. As in any decision, people who voted for Trump allowed some things to be more important than others in their decision-making.

Some of them will have been operating on racist ideas, to be sure. Others will have prioritized something else over actively combating racism. Either way, the net effect is that racist ideas get aired and racist behavior gets tacit or open approval.

But in fighting against racism, working from the idea that a racist is a kind of person, or that racism is some kind of mechanism or disease or organ inside a person that just spits out racist behavior, is not going to help convince people to think about what they are doing and choose better behavior.

A side note is that presenting stories about human suffering due to racist behavior may backfire in some cases. I pay to do best custom essay on hillary this and I am doing it this week on Facebook anyway, what the hell. Compassion is hard work, and most of pay to do best custom essay on hillary will often avoid doing it if we can.

Not sure why you would want that or if it would reflect the spirit of the comment. I could knock a few things off the top of my head: Plenty of voter suppression: ordering a study of voting patterns by race and then passing legislation that targets African American preferred voting options; reducing the number of polling stations; creating onerous documentary requirements.

I am sure there are plenty of people here who could give you chapter and verse better than I could. Gerrymandering where a district is reduced to the line of a highway in order to connect two entirely separate areas. Using computers to do gerrymandering house by house. Court challenges to bipartisan districting commissions set up by the state to bring rationality pay to do best custom essay on hillary to the process. Immigrant policies that dance with the idea of stripping citizenship from children born in this country or from naturalized citizens based on faith or ethnicity.

Immigrant policies that look the other way on migrant workers necessary for various industries as long as those people are required, but then treating them like unwanted criminals when it suits. Immigration in-flow policies that favor certain origin points, races, etc.

Lack of real penalties for the people who make money off of Harsh and often irrational procedures related to refugee status.

This is not exhaustive. Let me make the point that a lot of harsh Supreme Court precedent from 19th century Chinese migrant cases on pay to do best custom essay on hillary process and immigration has never formally been overturned. So it is possible that a Trump appointed Court might easily be able to uphold laws that might shock a lot of the readers here. Congress has almost unfettered power over immigration and naturalization. Think Right of Return for Jews to Israel and other similar programs in other countries.

My neighbor called me a racist, homophobic, anti Muslim and about three other things for voting for Trump. In the same paragraph she said she could not be friends with people who voted for a man who labeled all Mexicans as rapist and all blacks as lazy. Please help me understand. You might recall back in Pay to do best custom essay on hillary, the platform committee hearings before the Democratic Convention.

Truth be told, Cinemax Theory is just as applicable toward the issue of US support for Israel as it pay to do best custom essay on hillary to the voters who elected Donald Trump. Understand the Republican platform regarding the occupation is nearly identical to the Democrats. When applied equally across the board, the theory proves that giving a quiet pass to racism abroad is to give a pass to racism in our own back yards.

So the choice is ultimately about how people wish to carry their racism. Open carry or concealed? Many would agree that the concealed carry racists are the enablers here, the ones we really need to watch out for. AT MINIMUM Trump voters walked past the blatant racism of the campaign. They kept being told they needed to look inward, examine their sins and judge themselves guilty. I supported him because Mrs. Pedro: Help with case study supporters simply do not view the world through racism-tinged glasses.

Click to see more M: Sebastian: yes a vote for Clinton is a vote for war and tense political relationship. A little, at least. You, John, have written fairly extensively about having grown up poor. I think there is a reasonably coherent argument that economic policies promulgated by the governmental elites of both parties have gone far to creating the rust belt — or in pay to do best custom essay on hillary terms, poor people — where Mrs.

There may also have been coherent arguments for letting that happen, but can you blame the once-middle class working folk for voting AGAINST the person Clinton that they see as the embodiment of those policies that have driven many of them into or close to poverty?

Your action, voting for Trump, was racist, homophobic and anti-Muslim. Susan Stich : There is a difference between hating people for who they are and criticizing people for what they do.

You voted for Trump. When you do things that harm people, it is perfectly understandable that people will be angry about it. Trump, too, chose to take actions that harm people when he chose to say hateful things about immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, women, disabled people…the list goes on.

But if instead of calling them an asshole, you started telling people that everyone who looks like the person who broke your windshield is a violent vandal that should be deported?

Well, that would be bigotry, and it would be perfectly reasonable for people especially people who look like the person who broke your windshield to criticize you for engaging in it. Speculative, perhaps, but not outright nonsense of the kind Trump spouted to his ignorant, evil supporters.

YesAllTrumpSupporters are at their very core racists, homophobes, and misogynists. So when you are openly talking about being conservative or how great Trump is, those of us who are marginalized will be suspicious of you. Make sure that your party does immigration reform instead of building a stupid wall.

Make sure that your party will take seriously the rise in hate crimes that is happening. In other words: Make your party accountable for their bigoted rhetoric. Show us that reality, otherwise, you will always be seen with suspicion by those of us who are in the crosshairs. Thanks for putting it in lament terms. And lay it out in. I say accelerated because in the last twenty years we all became too polite complacent to gently call out people before this came to pass. And then gently steer the conversation onto the X.

Pay to do best custom essay on hillary most of all start being vigilant about not letting people say things that they should regret in any civil society. We need to rebuild from the beginning. We are all Americans, damn it, and we are better than what this election has shown.

What is the objective benefit of that choice. Put them on a scale and choose the lesser of two evils. And that is being an apologist, downplaying the damage of their actions so they dont havd to be responsible for them. I assume this means that Darke county subscribes to racism. I assume then it is fair to call the Republicans of Darke county subscribers to racism. Does that make them good people subscribers to racism? But to turn a blind eye to the QUARTER of Americans who put their vote in a viciously discriminatory campaign, for their pay to do best custom essay on hillary benefit, questionable set of values, or from pay to do best custom essay on hillary lack of education — is just as bad as voting for him.

What is the definition of the bystander effect again…? This dynamic is most obvious when one white group accuses another white group of being pay to do best custom essay on hillary. In such cases, these accusations have less to do with countering racism real or perceived than with securing sociopolitical advantage. And yes, white people do discriminate against white people. Reducing crime is a laudable goal.

It is, in fact, the canonical definition of prejudice and bigotry. Judging or treating an entire group negatively based upon a perceived stereotype. But if by some awful unlikely chance, you do, attempting to justify it by the end goal pay to do best custom essay on hillary not remove the stigma of what you are. Dragon Dictate in training! Your actions have consequences, and what you meant by those actions is not the determining factor in what those consequences are.

You can say you love your friends and neighbors who have to buy their own health insurance. But you have a choice there, too. You can choose to put yourself ahead of other people and make decisions that benefit yourself at their expense. You can refuse to give even the smallest bit of ground to people who are hurting and asking for a little more space.

Greg, Yes, I do know people who placed the evil on the scale, and when weighed decided that Trump was better than Hillary. Convincing people that they are voting for the pay to do best custom essay on hillary person. Leaving aside the dubiousness of your thesis, there is the actual fact that Trump and his folks have actively racist plans, so voting for Trump was pay to do best custom essay on hillary for those racist plans.

So regardless of sociopolitical machinations, there is an actual issue of racism there. That includes Bill — JS] Pedro: None of which changes the truth of what I said.

Regardless of whether an individual Trump voter is racist or not, sexist or not, homophobic or not, that voter knew those elements are there. John and John: I see some of the same crap that you see. But my thesis, if you will, pertains to reasons why people can pay to do best custom essay on hillary at the same thing and come away with very different interpretations. No one who voted for Trump is lovely or kind or perfect. They voted for a man who talks about women like they are objects including his own daughterwho called Mexicans rapists and murderers, learn more here wants to deport all Muslims, who implicitly called for his supporters to inflict violence on his opponent.

Not kind, not perfect, not lovely. Your perfect neighbors, like all not the majority of the people who voted for Trump, sound monstrous, just like Trump himself. Does responding to a silly, deflecting comment about racism that is based upon non sequitur and false equivalencies make me an enabler of racism and posts that are nonsensical?

Yeah, you know what? None of that was actually happening. It was in their heads. If they were unhappy about that, maybe that says something right there. Fact is, all your really want is entertainment or something different to past time away; so, you choose HBO knowing very well that Cinemax is an additional distraction.

Please excuse the pessimism! The more uneducated, the greater sense of survival, the greater the ethnocentrism.

Discrimination, arbitrary policing, and misogyny is the lifeblood of ignorance and fear. Sorry, but there is no getting though to a racist except the like minded. I mean why would an African American, immigrant or women vote for the likes of Donald Trump, and many did vote for him? Ben Carson supported Trump, he is not uneducated nor White, but he did vote for Trump, for a personal benefit and pay to do best custom essay on hillary is what makes him ignorant.

We are living a state of conundrum that is more serious then it is funny. He made a distinction between that and being a racist. Which is the entire point.

White nationalists would reasonably be expected to know if somebody pay to do best custom essay on hillary simpatico with their world views. And, bonus point, how do you feel about the possibility of Sarah Palin being Secretary of the Interior? I had the impression I was reading a blog written by people who disagree with me. This thread repeatedly suggests that anyone voting Trump is complicit in racism, if not actively racist.

Indeed, I continue reading to see any straw man that I presented. If your purpose is to stiff-arm comments that challenge the reigning ethos here, please say so.

I agree with you characterization that a vote for Trump was a vote for racism. And for the rest of the country it is now a social norm. Which is not to say I think Hillary was elitist — I think she represents the best of us, that there are so many stories of her, not publicised, where she has taken actions of no benefit to her to help others who are vulnerable I think she is socially awkward, not particularly charismatic, but a real good person who makes mistakes— the kind of person society struggles to make sense of.

My wife did not go to university and has experienced uni graduates mansplaining to her, or treating her thinking as irrelevant — as a uni graduate I know she is way more inquisitive, philosophically questioning, pay to do best custom essay on hillary unconventional in her thinking than me.

Which to me, probably generalising, explains why so many women and, of course men voted for him. Our society is so far away from even taking the first steps in combatting, understanding and ultimately alleviating abuse. To reach the point where you think it is wrong takes a similar unconditioning that it takes to decry the abuse you have grown up believing it normal — if we are expecting others to make that leap, maybe we should realise how hard that leap pay to do best custom essay on hillary. Guys I was pals here at work turned out to spend their lunch hours catcalling women in the street.

And my family seemed like a perfectly ordinary middle-class family unless you happened to come up the walkway while a screaming match was in progress or walked into our kitchen in literature proofreading hire liverpool to see my father punch me at 13 in the head for breaking a pickle jar.

How did they react when a Somali Muslim refugee family moved into their neighborhood? How did they react when their son brought his boyfriend home from college? You may have seen their reactions to some or all of these. But I have lots of experience with people who thought their neighbors were decent, lovely people until one pay to do best custom essay on hillary those things happened, and then they saw that some of their neighbors were just the decent people they thought they knew, and others suddenly became monsters.

I ended up voting for Trump. But then, seemingly mostly based on that and some comments and stands that he took years and years ago, he was called racist. And eventually, I realized that this was how they also viewed me, and the fact that I had a black wife and mixed-race children was learn more here, if they bothered to notice me, it would be with contempt.

And now after the election, I feel more and more distant; other than immigration, I generally agree more with democratic positions, but I feel like there is nothing but insults left there.

Perhaps there are others like me, in small towns here and there, who voted Democratic year after year and now find only insults rather than an attempt at understanding their positions. If you voted for racism because you believe people were rude to you, I do invite you to question your premises. I share this in the hope of provoking thought, not as an accusation aimed at any particular individual. The same for gender based issues. There is probably a whole thesis around the concept that those who most want to protect the perceived minority races and genders are in fact the ones who least empower them, but in fact coddle them and enforce racial and gender stereotyping.

I think this is an important article and helps me to process the entire event. I am struggling just to get through the day. Hard times are upon us, as not only the American people voted for racism, but also the Brits with Brexit and I tremble in advance about the upcoming presidential elections in France my home country next May… Racism, sexism, homophobia have gone viral lately, as have screwed up governments….

So if you have anything pertinent to say, do it by about 10pm Eastern, please. Interesting points from all directions. For critics to reduce their opposition to this one thing is … dangerous shall we say.

I know you all have to wait a couple of months to see what he will do once in power. Tomorrow I still get to wake up and be a white middle aged man that looks like your typical middle aged dad. I am gay but Pay to do best custom essay on hillary blend in. I am scared and truly fear for the lives and livelihoods of my friends personal uk website ghostwriter color.

Is that enough to be racist? I think this is more or less why the election turned out as it did. You want me to believe that you still believe in freedom and democracy and individual rights? Draw me some lines, people. I will take your support on whatever I can get. But I would love professional expository essay proofreading website for college be reassured on any one of these questions right now.

I could not bring myself to vote for either Trump or Clinton, due to the massive failings with both of them. You think a Detroit union worker is going to want to vote Democrat again after his former allies being called a racist click the following article he wants his damn job back? And yes, I actually think they do. As you say, empathy is more important than ever right now.

Despite differences of opinion in how to get there, Americans are generally decent, kind, good people — whether or not they voted the way you liked. Sometimes people surprise you pay to do best custom essay on hillary a positive way, not just a negative way.

My sister is gay and please click for source, but had never came out to them.

So my mom asked her if she could tell them, got her consent, then went next door to talk. They took the sign down. More than 5 years later, when my sister got married, we had a family friend decline to come to the wedding on religious grounds. Everyone was pissed, but nobody more than our longtime neighbors. They came to celebrate with my sister and our family, you see, despite them being ministers in a religion which is very anti-gay marriage.

They understood that love is more important than hate and standing together makes us all stronger. I was, frankly, shocked. But my mom stayed friends with them, my sister continued to be her charming self, and they learned. The moral of this story? I have hope that people like my mom and sister will continue to make the world a better place by pay to do best custom essay on hillary refusing to engage with people who have hateful views.

I want to lash out, not reach out. For those who are still struggling: I am too. Feel what you need to. Take some time for self care. Then we get to work. Gemma: While I voted for Trump, I also took an oath to defend the constitution and pretty much every one of the things you mention here are unconstitutional. Do you know how many liberal City dwellers choose to buy into coop buildings with boards that want the convenience of having neighbors who are just like them?

Do you know how many liberal Americans live in suburbs where the package deal includes racial segregation? Racism is part of the American package my friend and always has been. Louise: FWIW, the main reasons I see that Trump is called racist, is some stuff on renting apartments that dates to the early s and the ad about the central park 5, who while innocent were basically assumed to be guilty by everyone at that point.

It was more an under elaborated comment on the risk of picking on only one aspect. And for some people that would be their only answer. When do you expect a bill before the House? So on and so forth. Johnjaylward — you say. They are entitled to vote for who they want. The problem is that REGARDLESS of the reasons they chose him — they ended up choosing the whole package. They, through their vote, endorsed a man who has made racist, sexist, homophobic comments. A man who chose as a running mate and who was also voted for another man who has been adamantly against LGBTQ rights and has made his own share of cringeworthy comments about women and people of color.

Go back link the original analogy. You wanted HBO, but HBO only came with Cinemax.

That is just the way it is. You may pay to do best custom essay on hillary like the way that feels, but it is just the plain, lucid, fact of the matter. You might agree with this: society allows racism. Then no one thinks twice. Trump says whatever he wants to everyone equally. And to your point, you my friend, are absolutely correct however few will admit or accept it.

Special, individualized attention to specific groups of people OVER OTHER GROUPS is, in fact, doing more to hurt than help EQUALITY in this country. I think this election has proven the pointlessness of that effort, that I need to save my strength for the forthcoming struggles.

GemmaM: Thank you for just click for source list. What if Trump actually does what he said he was going to do? But I am clearly another person who could keep my head down and weather this shitstorm with no harm. Howeve, I also live in a region with one of the largest concentrations of Muslim immigrants in the US, and I work at a community college here has a good number of those folks as students.

Are government agents going to come around to college campuses and workplaces asking people like me to name names? If that day does come, I hope I have the courage to refuse, and take the consequences. Do I expect any Trump voters will be backing me up in that decision?

No I do not. Kathryne: Well, I guess there were only two packages and I thought the other was worse. You came to another conclusion. Taunting the tauntable since Click here for tour dates and links to the individual event venues! Authors explaining the the big ideas behind their latest works, in their own words. See the latest Big Ideas! November 10, November 11, John Scalzi Comments. Yesterday I wrote here:. I also last night tweeted this:.

November 10, at am. Just for the record, I do not believe the actual Pay to do best custom essay on hillary is racist. I might think of other things to put here; check back on this comment later. I Had the same argument:. Racism by any other name….

In your point 2, I think you mean UNcomfortable. This is a perfect explanation and Pay to do best custom essay on hillary appreciate your excellent way of explaining it. On your point 2, I think you mean UNcomfortable. I think you can very easily make the argument that a lot people who voted for Trump are not and would not actively be racist to another person in their day-to-day lives.

Austin Loomis aberranteyes says:. And when his administration takes actions that are racist or pay to do best custom essay on hillary back anti-discriminatory policies which seems more likely to happen than notTHAT is what you voted for if you voted for Trump. Here are a couple of things I have come up with…. Yesterday I was out and found myself having thoughts I have never entertained before.

Voting is an action. And we agree it was a test of character.

The Cinemax Theory of Racism – Whatever

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