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Hi, this car is kicking everyone s ass.. 92 lexus sc400. 128k. Super publicize car that I am ready to drive off a cliff. had a idle surge problem that I researched online and did tests (per the manual) on tps, iac and maf and cleaned the TB. After frustrating 2-3 every second used IAC s, I took it to the master tech at lexus. He said it was the IAC valve. He tried my used ones.. and finally a rebuilt one. still had issues. assist to the dealer.. this era he says, it needs a ECU. I did a lot of research upon them, and found that its a common difficulty similar to this car.. bought a used one.. more trouble. had the native one rebuilt by a specialist.. and that s where I am at now.. Put it in tonight and the car idles at 2k rpm. Does the TPS dependence to be re-adjusted? The master tech did every sorts of diagnostics on every partnered parts (tps, maf, iac). 0-200 all time I take it pull off the dealer for diagnostics.. upon going problems are essentially addendum up. I m in two minds to touch the tps if he had it dialed. Any insight? Thanks in advance. Jason

Its furthermore worth getting the fuel pressure checked as if this is low due to a blocked filter or faulty regulator or even a poorly pump will all upshot in insufficient fuel bodily delivered to the engine. Might moreover be worth cleaning out the idle quickness run motor / valve as these get clogged going on subsequently carbon and some brake cleaner washed through helps clear things off.

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