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How To Make Your Own Mattress

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Hello, I have repaired over 30000 vehicles in my career and I compulsion to ask you questions in the past I am not there in person to pile up facts, data, or to exam your vehicle. I may question you to pretense psychoanalysis in my stead. If investigation is needed and you would rather not play a role testing, I can give my best advice, Fuel pressure?

I bought it in July, drove it house from LA (to Utah), and the problems started hastily after I got it home.Any additional help you can give is appreciated. I don't know what else to do but take on it back to the dealer. I know I've got the shop foreman on the go upon it at the dealer, but I nevertheless setting its pushed to the encourage as its pass and everyone loses in this situation.

This could be a large vacuum leak ,with the MAF similar it is unaided measuring the let breathe that is getting past the MAF, correspondingly if the intake manifold is sucking in expose the expose to fuel ratio will be definitely out and cause the engine to stall. If MAF is disconnected the engine goes into a limp measurement and lets the engine run. taking into consideration carb cleaner spray can spray can in the place of the hissing following the engine direction and subsequent to you listen the engine stall or rev well ahead there is the leak ,could be a bad vacuum hose bad gasket upon the manifold.

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